Does the Netflix Show 13 Reason Why Glorify Suicide?

Does the Netflix Show 13 Reason Why Glorify Suicide?

Samantha Rosa, Staff Writer

  If you haven’t heard of the television show 13 Reasons Why yet, you are living under a rock. When 13 Reasons Why dropped on Netflix late April, it invited approximately 13 hours of binge-watching galore. While feedback...

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Revere’s Traditions: A City’s Reputation

Samantha Karl, Editor

    When contemplating the reputation of Revere, MA, longtime residents think of its defining characteristics and features; Kelly’s Roast Beef, the weekly Flea Market, Revere Beach, Broadway parades, Thanks...

May 15, 2017No Comments

Prom Pressures

Victoria Mom, Staff Writer

Prom -- “the night to remember” as many would refer to it as. The one night that holds so many expectations and great title, seems to press high schoolers with the same amount of expectations. As prom in Revere High School s...

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Victoria Mom, Staff Writer

Senioritis is a common problem among seniors at Revere High School. Senioritis is the term that describes the lack of motivation that some students experience during their last year of schooling. The symptoms of senioritis  ar...

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The Rise and Fall of the “Man-Bun”

The Rise and Fall of the “Man-Bun”

Samantha Karl, Editor

In 2016, many new fashion trends surfaced as “vogue” in modern media. One of these bold statements was the ever-so-sexy, man bun. Dating back all the way to the 18th century in the form of a powdered wig mini ponytail...

May 1, 2017No Comments

Living in the Shadow of Your Predecessor: Exploring the Impact on Comparisons of CO ‘17 and CO ‘16

Samantha Karl, Editor

Each year at RHS, the graduating class moves forward with a legacy that lives on in the minds of faculty and administrators. Academic strengths, motivation level, a variety of personalities, and school-wide involvement bui...

March 24, 2017No Comments

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The Undefeated RHS Girls Basketball Team

The Undefeated RHS Girls Basketball Team

Samantha Woodman, Guest Contributer

The RHS girls basketball team is off to an incredible season at 10-0. The girls started their season off this year in a suspenseful game against St. Mary’s winning with a buzzer shot scored by Tatiana...

January 17, 2017No Comments

Patriots Win at Thanksgiving Day Game

Taylor Giuffre-Catalano, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings people together. This year, like many years in the past, the typical Revere High student was bundled under layers of clothing and blankets, perched in the stands of the Ha...

December 2, 2016No Comments

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  • Selfishness

    It all faded. Getting those little butterflies just before our dates. The excitement from seeing you and your name pop up on my phone, was gone.    ...

  • Under the Influence

    “Goodbye, drive safe,” my aunt said as we closed our car doors. My dad began to drive and the music from the New Years party slowly began to fade ...

  • Journey to America

    I was eight years old when war broke out in my hometown. Presidential elections caused many people to become condescending and portray hatred towards ...

  • Downfall to Death

    September 22, 2012 11:53 P.M., Jesse is dead. He overdosed. Although I am sure most people around at the time could see that coming, we didn’t. Or a...

  • Dancing with the Devil

    I didn't find out until a few months back. But she never told me, I had to piece everything together. I was in school one day and she asked me if her ...

  • Personal Narrative

    It almost feels like it was yesterday. Tightening the laces of my shoulder pads, buckling the straps of my helmet and putting in my mouth guard to go ...

  • The Contrition

    It’s the middle of April. Flamboyants, grown in our schoolyard, started to decorate themselves with their small, bright red flowers. I love to look ...

  • Realization

    I still remember the day like it was yesterday. The sun was beaming into my room, the alarm clock was going off. “Another day of school” sighing a...

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