Yellow looks good on you: Everything you need to know about Ofo’s arrival in Revere

Ava Rocino, Staff Writer

November 30, 2017No Comments

Have you noticed the clusters of yellow bikes on street curbs all around the city of Revere? These bikes were brought in by a company called Ofo, a Beijing-based bicycle sharing company founded in 2014. The bikes were brought...

Student Spotlight: Mithsuca Berry

Balsam El Alam, Rania Bensadok, Staff Writers

November 26, 2017No Comments

Hello, I’m Mithsuca! Throughout my high school career, I have been building up a reputation as an artist as well as an activist. It’s taken a lot of self-reflection in my work and an ability to use my voice in the most inf...

Revere High School and Credit Union Partner with College Planning Organization

Julia Tran, Staff Writer

November 1, 2017No Comments

Currie affirms “the whole philosophy is that if you prepare for college when you have your kids younger, they’re more up to succeed and graduate in time to go to college."

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Ariana Smith, Guest Contributor

November 16, 2017No Comments

More immigrants coming to America means there is an increase in money and business, since there is more businesses there is more economic opportunity for American workers, thus they have jobs to make money. Immigration not only boosts earning for American workers, but it also adds a lot of culture.

Forgotten in the First Year: Freshman Football Deserves Respect

Joseph Dimino, Staff Writer

October 18, 20171 Comment

It all starts the summer going into freshman year: double sessions filled with running and other drills for most of the day. This goes on for most of the summer as the team spends countless hours preparing for the upcomin...

Protest, Priorities and President Trump

Monique Brito, Staff Writer

October 6, 2017No Comments

All across America, NFL players are taking a knee during the national anthem before their games. Others have begun to lock arms. NFL players are utilizing the national anthem as a time to publicly protest against police brutalit...

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2017 Powderpuff

Balsam El Alam, Editor In Chief

November 26, 2017No Comments

Powderpuff, the sport for senior girls at Revere High School, has been an annual tradition for almost 35 years. Every year, the girls at Revere High School join together with a common goal to “whip W...

The Undefeated RHS Girls Basketball Team

Samantha Woodman, Guest Contributer

January 17, 2017No Comments

The RHS girls basketball team is off to an incredible season at 10-0. The girls started their season off this year in a suspenseful game against St. Mary’s winning with a buzzer shot scored by Tatiana...

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  • A Buddy, A Pal…A Friend

    “A friend. What I wish a friend. One that will never get angry with me. One that will stand up to the bullies that hurt me and be with me f...

  • Selfishness

    It all faded. Getting those little butterflies just before our dates. The excitement from seeing you and your name pop up on my phone, was gone.    ...

  • Under the Influence

    “Goodbye, drive safe,” my aunt said as we closed our car doors. My dad began to drive and the music from the New Years party slowly began to fade ...

  • Journey to America

    I was eight years old when war broke out in my hometown. Presidential elections caused many people to become condescending and portray hatred towards ...

  • Downfall to Death

    September 22, 2012 11:53 P.M., Jesse is dead. He overdosed. Although I am sure most people around at the time could see that coming, we didn’t. Or a...

  • Dancing with the Devil

    I didn't find out until a few months back. But she never told me, I had to piece everything together. I was in school one day and she asked me if her ...

  • Personal Narrative

    It almost feels like it was yesterday. Tightening the laces of my shoulder pads, buckling the straps of my helmet and putting in my mouth guard to go ...

  • The Contrition

    It’s the middle of April. Flamboyants, grown in our schoolyard, started to decorate themselves with their small, bright red flowers. I love to look ...

  • Realization

    I still remember the day like it was yesterday. The sun was beaming into my room, the alarm clock was going off. “Another day of school” sighing a...

  • Book Review: The Hate U Give

    Book Review: The Hate U Give

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