President Trump’s Revised Travel Ban: Student Opinions

Samantha Rosa, Staff Writer

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Hours before President Trump’s revised travel ban was about to go into effect, his executive order was struck down by a federal court in Hawaii. Soon after, the ban was blocked by another federal judge, this time in Maryland.


Revere High School students had some opinions to share about this new edition of the travel ban. Senior Samantha Karl feels like the travel ban “promotes racism and hate and goes against everything this nation is built upon.” Ralph Corbelle affirms, “I think the courts were justified in shooting [the travel ban] down a second time and I can only hope that this court decision is upheld.”


Ismah Khan asserts, “It is targeting Muslims, no matter what [the GOP] says.” She argues that though Republicans are trying to keep terrorists out, they forget to acknowledge that “a lot of terrorists are homegrown.” While she does approve of the ban, she does, however, understand the “threat they see.” She thinks Republicans in Congress see an increase in terrorism and an increase in refugees and just “connect the dots.”


On the other hand, while Hayley Petrozelli does not necessarily agree with the travel ban, she says her family believes the ban to be a “preventative measure” just in case something happens.


Chris Anderson contends that although he does not completely agree with the president’s travel ban, he does concur that “there needs to be restrictions on travel from some areas.” But, in his opinion, the way “the president is going about it is wrong.”


Although opinions on the travel ban vary, it seems President Trump may be unable to carry out this executive order without further revisions anyways.


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President Trump’s Revised Travel Ban: Student Opinions