Prom Pressures

Victoria Mom, Staff Writer

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Prom — “the night to remember” as many would refer to it as. The one night that holds so many expectations and great title, seems to press high schoolers with the same amount of expectations. As prom in Revere High School slowly rolls around, junior prom being only a couple weeks away, the upperclassmen all begin to worry. Juggling between their paper proposals and promposals, switching screens from Google Docs to Prom Girl, and finding time to get their suits fitted and dresses tailored… The pressures of prom begin.


Joshua Preciado, a senior at the high school, looks forward to “meeting the American standard of high school memories at a typical prom”. For some, the memories begin with “the fun process of getting ready and dolled up” Vanessa Puopolo says to “seeing the prom king and queen” Isabelle Rago mentions, and above all  “dancing like an idiot at prom”, Nick Smith, another senior states. These fun moments all fill the mind on top of taking all the cutest pictures with your friends, admiring how beautiful and handsome everyone looks, and cracking jokes with all the fun classmates around you that you would not normally socialize with.


With all these fun memories to look forward to, we may fall into the pressures of prom. The pressure of “the right dress that no one dares to also have, perfect nails, flawless makeup, perfect hair, even the source of transportation when getting to prom!” Sari Saint-Hilaire, a junior says as she prepares to go to her first prom. Prom is definitely immortalized and “it can be seen as one of the last events of one’s high school career and everyone wants to make it something to remember but then again, in the long run, when we all look back at prom, it won’t be as important as we are making it for ourselves.”


With the girls scattering to find the perfect dress, the boys are also scrambling to find the perfect way to ask a girl to prom; the promposal. Daniel Vera, a senior at the high school acknowledges the pressure for guys to prompose let alone, have a date to prom. “Guys have to build up the confidence to actually ask a girl to prom and the unknown answer is scary. It’s like guys have to feel worthy enough to ask a girl”
These pressures are definitely easy to fall into but the main purpose of prom is for us to have fun with our friends and the people we have been surrounded by for the last four years and will be walking the stage with. So through all these stressful tears of finding the perfect dress, finding a top notch date, and finding the closest tie to match your date’s dress, we can all take a step back and just appreciate how far we have come in high school. Enjoy the night and don’t worry about the little things. Money can only buy so much, it is the handcrafted memories we will always remember!

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Prom Pressures