Revere’s Traditions: A City’s Reputation

Samantha Karl, Editor

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When contemplating the reputation of Revere, MA, longtime residents think of its defining characteristics and features; Kelly’s Roast Beef, the weekly Flea Market, Revere Beach, Broadway parades, Thanksgiving football games, the annual Powderpuff football game, and the views of the Atlantic in one corner and the beautiful skyline of Boston at another.  Even the “fire” mixtapes “dropped” on the popular music sharing forum, Soundcloud, have contributed to Revere’s reputation.  As a city with some residents who speak with thick Boston accents, Revere’s traditions both celebrate and condemn the reputation of the multicultural Greater Boston community.


Some of the most popular newer traditions in Revere are in the form of Youtube videos that went viral locally. These videos poke fun at the idiosyncrasies of Revere, like the Revere accent, though it is done in an innocent and humorous way.


“I think these videos are funny to the people of Revere, but I feel like people from a distance away might not understand that these videos are a joke and exaggerated,” says Carolyn Paulson, junior at RHS.


Revere traditions go beyond videos posted on the internet. Some significant memories of current RHS students are Football games and the annual Powderpuff football game. Always with a large turnout, these games are a symbol of the pride Revere has in its athletics and the sense of community these events bring the city.


Monica Posada, senior at RHS, says the Powderpuff game is her favorite Revere tradition as she has gone the past two years. She proclaims her gratitude for Powderpuff by saying it “unites us as a city, but I think the game makes the team we face, Winthrop, believe we are a lower class.”


A tradition that often times makes the youth of Revere laugh out loud is the way some RHS students have dropped “mixtapes” or created songs to upload to Soundcloud. Whether they grow in success or not, this is definitely a topic of conversation to the young people of Revere.


“I don’t think it is the best thing for Revere, but like, reach for your dreams, ya know?” comments Paulson on Revere Soundcloud artists.


Beyond the traditions of popular videos, events, and sharing amateur music, Revere is known for the tradition of beautiful views and scenery. With views of the Atlantic Ocean only and the sight of Boston’s skyscrapers and landmarks miles away, Revere’s scenery is  unique.


Junior, Arianna Fuentes believes “we may not be that good at maintaining the environment, but I do like how I can just walk down the street and see the Boston skyline,” she continues “it is good to live right near the city.”


Paulson confirms that she thinks “people do know Revere for its scenery,” which celebrates this form of tradition in the city.


Maryellen Dakin, Literacy Coach at RHS and lifelong resident of Revere feels like “all theses traditions celebrate Revere.”  Her personal favorites are sandcastles and the Annual Polar Plunge where Revere residents take a dive into Revere Beach waters in the freezing cold. “It is pretty awesome,” says Dakin, and it definitely “made me very proud of Revere.”


One tradition Dakin recalls from her childhood was called the Harvest Bazaar, which was an “indoor farmer’s in Father Brennan Hall,” which sold “quilts, paintings embroidery, and even food,” according to Dakin.  Father Brennan Hall is attached to the Immaculate Conception School and the Harvest Bazaar is no longer a tradition, but in its heyday “always had a great turn out.”


Dakin concludes, “today, there are more civic events in Revere than there ever were when I was growing up, which speaks to the ways this city has changed for the better.”


Other RHS staff agree with Dakin’s belief that Revere has a lot to offer to its residents. “Going down the beach in a storm is basically the reason I bought a house on the beach in Revere,” says Pennsylvania native but current Resident of Revere, Nancy Barile, English teacher.


Allison Casper, Writing Center Coordinator, who is also not from Revere, comments on some traditions in Revere.  She notes how  “sometimes you can smell the ocean from here,” and adds that  “even in the Mountain Ave area, I’ve noticed the Boston views on my way home.”


Though this city has a wide variety of traditions, each of these come together to create the unique identity of Revere, whose traditions lived on and evolved over the years.

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Revere’s Traditions: A City’s Reputation