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Senioritis is a common problem among seniors at Revere High School. Senioritis is the term that describes the lack of motivation that some students experience during their last year of schooling. The symptoms of senioritis  are feeling that one does not want to attend school anymore, finding ways to avoid school work, or submitting assignments past their due dates.

I am definitely a victim of senioritis, and it is definitely not a joke. This article was actually supposed to be done a couple weeks ago and I kept telling myself I would get this article done.  As I threw myself into bed after a day in school and a couple hours of playing in a tennis match, I really struggled to get out of bed and write. I know I am not the only one who is affected by senioritis. With few ups left for seniors, most of us know what is in store for us after we walk the stage; we are ready to be out of school. One classmate reports, “Senioritis and laziness fall between the same line” while another argues that “there is definitely a difference between a lack of motivation and senioritis because the teacher starts noticing the seniors trying less and they start feeling lazy too and it’s a cycle that keeps building the senioritis”.

Most students have stated that senioritis started about midyear, about the time college acceptances began to roll into our mailboxes, but also when the seniors technically have enough credits to graduate. It is difficult to break out from this cycle. Maybe it is our excitement for a new start and to be out of  high school or maybe we are ready to be out on the beach during summer vacation. Whatever it is though, get ready for our new chapter seniors, wherever we go, it will be great!

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